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The District is established by Legislative Instrument 2329 of 2017, and was duly inaugurated on 15th March, 2018 with Akrofuom (Amankyem) as District Capital

Akrofuom District shares Common Boundaries with Six (6) Assemblies. These are:

  • Obuasi Municipal to the North-West,
  • Adansi South District to the East,
  • Amansie Central District to the West
  • Adansi Asokwa District to the North East
  • Obuasi East District to the North
  • Upper Denkyira Municipality to the South West

The District is administratively headed by a District Chief Executive with over 50 bureaucratic staff strength headed by a District Coordinating Director.




The District Assembly is composed of nineteen (19) members, consisting of eleven (11) Elected Members, (all males) and six (6) Government Appointees (1 female and 5 males), with a Member of Parliament and the District Chief Executive completing the composition. The Assembly is headed by a Presiding Member, elected from among members.



The District has two (2)Area Councils namely, Akrofuom and Ampunyase Area Councils.

Latest News

February 23, 2021 / Latest, Politics

Akrofuom: Akrofuom MP Visits District Assembly

The Member of Parliament for Akrofuom Constituency, Hon. Alex Blankson has paid a working visit to the Akrofuom District Assembly.
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July 16, 2020 / Health, Latest

Akrofuom Health Center makes progress

The Akrofuom Health Centre in the Akrofuom District in the Ashanti Region has been commended for its effective clients care operations.
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July 16, 2020 / Latest, Social

AKROFUOM: DCE promises to fix roads

The District Chief Executive for Akrofuom District in the Ashanti Region, Maurice Jonas Woode has assured that the road network in the district will soon be upgraded to ease transportation
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What the Community Has to Say!

The District has come at a time that the people needed it because for many years we were deprived of development. This is not to say the Member of Parliament was not working but just that we needed a District status to fight for most of these developments. Areas that have seen tremendous development include sanitation, education, health, roads and others. We are grateful to the government for helping us to get the District status and also applaud the management of the Assembly who are working tirelessly to bring development to every community in the District.
Hon. Peter Amponsah
Presiding Member
I am really happy that we have a District Assembly and which is working for us. I am a tertiary student and i have benefited from government scholarship through the Assembly. I know a couple of friends who have also benefited from it and keep benefiting. I am hopeful that many of my likes will also get the opportunity to be sponsored by the District Assembly to enable them further their education to the highest level they can attain.
People Living With Disabilities in the district have benefited from the creation of the district. Hitherto, we were denied any support whenever we applied to our previous Assembly. We are indeed grateful to government and the management of the Assembly for always coming to our aid.
Sarah Tieku
Sarah Tieku
Secretary, People with Disabilities
As a teacher, I wish to appreciate the government for making Akrofuom a district. To begin with, at first we were part of Adansi South District, so each time there was the need to be at our District Education Office, we had to risk our lives to travel that far, which was draining us financially. In-service training for teachers is now much easier since our Directorate is now nearer to us. There are many benefits and indeed we are grateul for making Akrofuom, a district.
Madam Sarah
I applied to the Assembly for employment and graciously it was accepted. The benefits and emoluments I am receiving now is better than what I was earning before. Thus I am happy about the creation of the district and the fact that many of the indigenes have also been employed or engaged one way or the other to work for the Assembly.
Daniel Antwi