Akrofuom: Workers In Akrofuom District Commemorate May Day With Fun Games

Staff of Akrofuom District Assembly and Akrofuom Teachers on Wednesday organised fun games to commemorate the Workers Day (May Day).

The day set apart for workers globally to celebrate the contribution of workers to their nation’s development is a statutory holiday in Ghana.

Workers of the two institutions took part in sporting activities at the Akrofuom R/C School Park in Akrofuom. These events include football, draught, cards and volleyball.

The staff of the Assembly won the cards and draught whiles the teachers in the district won the football and volleyball events.

In attendance included the District Chief Executive, Hon. Dr. Maurice Jonas Woode, the District Coordinating Director, Mr. Ebenezer  Douglas Ntiamoah and other high ranking officials of the Assembly and the Education Directorate.

It was all fun and exciting as these top personalities took part in the various sporting events to the admiration of all gathered at the grounds.

In a short address to the participants, Hon. Dr. Woode congratulated the workers in the district for their hard work and urged them to continue to do their best despite the challenges they do encounter.

He urged that these events should be organised periodically since it helps in building our health and also encourage camaraderie.

Mr. Ntiamoah also urged the participants to take the event only for the fun of it and not with the intention of hurting anyone since there is a bigger task to do which is to serve the people of Akrofuom.

The event was sponsored by some high ranking individuals in the district.

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