PERD is a decentralized National Tree Programme to promote rural economic growth and improve household incomes of rural farmers through the provisions of certified seedlings and extension services.

1. Ten thousand (10,000) coconut seedlings were targeted and raised in 2021 and distributed to 171 farmers (Male= 148 and Female = 23) in April 2022.

2. Additional 1,500 coconut seedlings was received from Tree Crop Development Authority (TCDA)  through Regional Directorate of Agriculture to be distributed to farmers in the district.

31 farmers benefited from the coconut seedlings provided by TCDA.

3. The total land size cultivated in 2022 was 164  acres by 202 farmers.

4. The District Directorate of Agriculture in collaboration with the District Assembly has been targeted and raised another 10,000 coconut seedlings for distribution to farmers in April 2023.

It is expected to cover 144 acres of land in the district.

NB: Beneficiaries are yet to be registered for the seedlings in 2023.

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