Decisions of the General Assembly

Decisions of the General Assembly at the Meeting held on Tuesday, 4th April, 2023.

Matters Arising

1. Generation of Report on the progress of Distributed Coconut Seedlings under PERD. (By: MIS Officer (Agric) and DD of Agric)

2. Regulations of Information Center at the Market Center in order not to distort Teaching and Learning in the surrounding schools. (By: DIO and DEHO)

3. Resolving the Performance Impasse of the NADMO Office (By: DCE and DCD)

4. Reservation of identified lowlands at Sikaman, Brofoyedru, Mensonso and other communities for rice production by Jospong.(By: DDA and Hon. Members)

5. Nomination of Persons to be inaugurated as Community Health Management Committee (By: DD of Health and Hon. Members)

6. Invitation of the District Manager for Zoomlion to the next General Assembly Meeting on issues of Sanitation (By: DCD)

7. Request for Security Personnel during Inter-School Sporting Activities (By: DD of Education)

8. Update on the Proposed Model School (By: DDE)

9. Update on Rural Electrification (By: Hon. DCE)

10. Update on proposed end of service package for Unit Committee Members (By: Hon. DCE and DCD)

11. Provision of Borehole for Dunkwafuom and other deprived Communities. (By: Hon. DCE and DCD)


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