Akrofuom watchdog volunteer formed

In a bid to reduce encroachment and deviant behaviours among some of the students of Akrofuom Senior High and Technical Secondary School (ASHTS), a volunteer watchdog group has been formed.

The group is to guard the school boundaries from encroachers who are especially town folks who tend to erect structures on the school land and also use the school compound as a route to and fro the town and sometimes harass teachers and students.

The volunteer watchdog group is also mandated to check on the students who engage in deviant acts such as drinking, smoking and playing truancy during classes’ hours.

At a short presentation ceremony to handover their working tools to them, the District Chief Executive, Maurice Jonas Woode, charged the volunteers to be diligent in their duties and ensure that they do only what they have been tasked to do.

He also assured that his outfit is ready to protect them in every step of the way so they should know they have the full backing of the Assembly.

The leader of the ten-member Akrofuom Volunteer Group, Mr Yaw Kutin assured that he together with his group will ensure that they work hard to curtail the deviant behaviour of some of the students of the ASHTS who are giving the school and the town a bad image with their deviant acts.

He also promised that they will take good care of the tools that have been given to them and will not do anything to put the name of the Assembly into disrepute.

He revealed that already they have made some arrests who were handed over to the Akrofuom Police for the law to take its course.

The Presiding Member of the Assembly, Hon. Peter Amponsah also expressed optimism that such deviant acts will cease with the introduction of the volunteer group adding that all of the volunteer group members have been screened by the Akrofuom Police and have been cleared from any criminal acts in the past and declared as people with good social status.

Each member of the group received a reflector jacket, safety boots, torchlight and identification tags.

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