Akrofuom Health Center makes progress

At a peer review forum organised by the Ministry of Health and Ghana Health Service to monitor the activities of the various Health Centres in the country to ensure that the health facilities perform according to the standard practice and also learn from their counterparts in other districts, the Akrofuom Health Centre had a total of 306.3 points out of an expected total of 389 points.

Seven modules were reviewed on and the best module for the Akrofuom Health facility was module six (6) (client care). The Akrofuom Health facility scored 38 points out of 39 points representing 97.4% and its worst module was module 7 (Management) which it scored 31 points out of 48 representing 64.6%.
On module one (1) (Environment) it recorded 84%, module 2 (Transmission of disease) it recorded 92.3%, module 3 (Disposable of needles) 88.9%, module 4 (Emergency) 69.4%, module 5 (Quality assurance) 71.4%, module 6 (Client care) 97.4% and module 7 (Management) 64.6%.

Mrs Rita Anafu, Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer in the Region, thanked health practitioners at the centre and applauded them for being able to put up their best despite the many challenges they face in performing their duties. She urged them to do more since it is the biggest sacrifice they can also make for mankind.
Mrs Anafu also commended the District Chief Executive, District Coordinating Director, management of the District Assembly and the Member of Parliament for the Akrofuom Constituency, for the new transformation brought to the facility. She added that such assistance from stakeholders will enable health practitioners to give their best in caring for patients.
She expressed optimism that with such assistance from other stakeholders, the facility will become one of the best in the region.

Hon. Peter Amponsah the Presiding Member of the Assembly who represented the District Chief Executive also thanked the practitioners of the Centre for their selfless help to the people of Akrofuom and its environs. He also assured that the Assembly will continue to provide assistance to the facility.
He also revealed that authorities are putting in frantic efforts to ensure that the facility is elevated to a hospital status to serve the people of Akrofuom and its environs.

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