Akrofuom: “COVID -19 Is Not A Myth” – Health Director

The District Health Director for Akrofuom District, Mr. John Baffoe Yeboah has warned that the corona virus disease is not a myth but a reality.

He said many people are of the opinion that the virus does not exist and it is just to scare people and also an avenue for some people to enrich themselves.

Mr. Baffoe Yeboah made this known when the District Health Emergency Committee Against Covid-19 (DHEC) of the Assembly met with information centre operators, drinking bar operators and catering services providers in the district to intensify its campaign to stop the spread of the virus into the district.

Some of the participants at the meeting

Addressing the participants, Mr. Yeboah said there are many people in the country who are of the conviction that the virus is not real because they have not seen close relations or friends in their community pronounced dead as a result of it.

He revealed that at the end of 2020, the district had recorded 14 cases, out of which no one died. However, just at the end of the first month of the year, there has been one recorded case and two (2) other samples have been sent to Kumasi for confirmation.

He warned that people should not disregard the protocols since those are the surest ways to protect oneself from contracting it. “People should continue to wear the face masks, wash hands under running water, use the hand sanitiser, avoid handshakes, and avoid being at crowded places” he stressed.

Ag. Cord. Dir, Mr. Ntiamoah

The Acting District Coordinating Director of the Assembly, Mr. Ebenezer Ntiamoah who represented the District Chief Executive also appealed to the information centre operators to use their medium to educate the public.

He added that the Assembly has undertaken many programmes and activities to help stop the spread of the virus into the district and the services of information centres will be needed to inform the general public for them to be aware.

He added that the Assembly has already met with other stakeholders like transport operators, market women, religious institutions and Nananom. It has also provided every community with veronica buckets, paper tissues, soaps and hand sanitisers to protect themselves.

The participants acknowledged the efforts of the Assembly and called for stringent actions for those who will be found to be flouting the protocols to serve as a deterrent for others not to emulate.

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