AUGUST, 2021



S/N Activity Location Output Indicators Quarterly schedule Indicative Budget  
1 2 3 4 GoG IGF Donor Lead Collab.
1.      1 Prepare District Composite Budget DA District Composite Budget prepared 10,000.00 CA DA
2.      2 Procure value books and other logistics for revenue collection DA No. of value books and logistics procured 5,000.00 CA DA
3.      3 Pay bank charges and other utility bills for the DA DA Amount of money paid as bank charges/ utilities 5,000.00 CA DA
4.      4  Monitor activities of small scale mining companies District Wide 10No. of field visits to sites 10,000.00 CA DA
5.      5 Facilitate the extension of telecommunication services District Wide Communities covered 50,000.00 CA DA
6.      6 Support One-District-One-Factory initiative District Wide   One-District-One-Factory initiative supported 10,000.00 CA DA
7.      7 Support HIV/AIDS programs (MSHAP) and Family planning kits and materials District  Wide Amount of funds disbursed for HIV/AIDS programs 20,000.00 CA DA
8.      9 Maintain and repair official vehicle DA Amount of funds disbursed in maintaining official vehicles and grader 70,000.00 CA DA
9.      10 Organize public fora and disseminate relevant information to stakeholders District Wide Public fora organized 15,000.00 CA DA
10.  11 Monitor and Evaluate projects and programmes District Wide Projects monitored/ evaluated 50,000.00 CA DA
11.  12 Procure sanitary/cleaning materials, logistics and equipment, office supplies etc DA Amount of funds disbursed in the procurement 20,000.00 CA DA
12.  13 Procure insurance for official vehicles DA No. of vehicles insured 10,000.00 CA DA
13.  14 Purchase building materials for community-initiated projects DA Quantity of building materials purchased 158,000.00 CA DA
14.  15 Procure street light bulbs for distribution DA No. of street light bulbs procured 60,000.00 CA DA
15.  16 Prepare District Medium Term Development Plan (2022-2025) and Annual Action Plans DA DMTDP prepared 40,000.00 CA/DPCU DA
16.  17 Organize Official Day Celebrations DA Amount of funds disbursed 55,000.00 CA DA
17.  18 Organize DISEC Meetings DA No. of DISEC meetings organized 10,000.00 CA DA
18.  19 Support Town and Area Council in their activities District Wide No. of Town and Area Council activities supported 3,000.00 CA DA
19.  20 Maintain adequate security in the district annually District Wide No. of activities undertaken to maintain security 15,000.00 CA/Security DA
20.  21 Support Tourism activities in the district. District wide Tourism activities supported 10,000 CA DA
21.  22 Support Transport Services Districtwide Transport services supported 2000 CA DA
22.  23 Establishment of revenue collection points District Wide No. of revenue check points established 30,000.00 Finance DA
23.  24 Training of revenue collection and account staff DA No. of revenue collectors/ accounts staff trained 15,000.00 15,000.00 Finance DA
24.  25 Generate and produce market information District Wide Amount of market information generated 5,000.00 Agric/ GSS DA
25.  26 Organize training for farmers in accessing financial support District Wide No. of farmers trained 7,000.00 Agric DA
26.  27 Facilitate the supply of farm inputs and credit facilities District Wide No. of farmers supplied with farm inputs and credit facilities 1,200.00 Agric DA
27.  28 Facilitate cocoa spraying programme District Wide No. of farms sprayed 10,000.00 Agric DA
28.  29 Provide extension services of crops and livestock District Wide No. of farmers with access to extension services for crops/ livestock 2,000.00 Agric DA
29.  30 Conduct disease surveillance District Wide No. of surveillance conducted 4,000.00 Agric DA
30.  31 Organize training for AEAs District Wide AEAs trained 1,000.00 Agric DA
31.  32 Provide extension delivery District Wide No. of farmers with access to extension service 1,000.00 Agric DA
32.  33 Provide vaccination for livestock No. of vaccinations done 2,000.00 Agric DA
33.  34 Support District Rice Extension Plan and other donor programs and projects District Wide No. of activities supported 20,000.00 Agric DA
34.  35 Support the Modernizing Agriculture in Ghana Program District wide Amount of funds disbursed on program 1,000,000.00 Agric DA
35.  36 Training and support for women in Agriculture (tombrown, gari, coconut oil production) District wide No. of women trained and supported 20,000.00 Agric DA
36.  37 Sensitization programs for farmers (anti-microbial use and resistance etc.) District wide Farmers sensitized on various programmes 10,000.00 Agric DA
37.  38 Establishment of 24 demonstrations and field days District Wide No. of demonstrations and field days organized 10,000.00 Agric DA
38.  40 Support planting for food and jobs programme District Wide Amount of funds disbursed on programme 10,000.00 Agric DA
39. Support PERD Activities District Wide No. of coconut seedlings distributed 10,000.00 Agric DA
40.  Suppo Support Mineral Development Fund District Wide No. of Oil Palm seedlings distributed 5,000.00 Agric DA
41. Support Post harvest and post production activities District Wide No. of farmers supported 5,000 Agric DA
42.  41 Clearing of external boundary of Dampia, Supuma and Nkrabea Forest Reserve District Wide 10,000.00 Forestry DA
43.  42 Produce and distribute free seedlings to farmers, schools, religious bodies etc District Wide No. of seedlings produced and distributed 10,000.00 Forestry DA
44.  43 Carry out tree planting, patrols and inspection to protect the forest reserves District Wide 10No. of field visits to sites 10,000.00 Forestry DA
45. Carry out reclamation of land programme at Supuma and Denyaw forest reserves Supuma  and Denyaw Supuma and Denyaw forest reserves destroyed by galamsey reclaimed 1,000,000.00 Forestry DA
46.  44 Provide staff accommodation (Assembly bungalows) Akrofuom No. of accommodation constructed 500,000.00 Works DA
47.  42 Construction of Police Post Grumesa Police post constructed 150,000.00 Works DA
48.  45 Improve upon road surface conditions (feeder roads) District Wide

Nyamebekyere to Kokoteneten

Kramokrom to Adiepena

Kilometers of road improved 200,000.00 Works / feeder road DA
49.  46 Construction of culverts, bridges and transport infrastructure Akrofuom, etc Culverts, bridges and transport infrastructure constructed 100,000.00 Works DA
50.  47 Construct market stalls/ stores Akrofuom  Market stalls constructed 150,000.00 Works DA
51.  48 Construction of 20No. Boreholes Akrofuom, Adamso, Sikaman, Mensoso, Takyikrom, Avornyo,Grumesa, Botwekrom, Akaasu 20No. of people with access to potable water 600,000.00 Works DA
52.  49 Construction of transit quarters Akrofuom Transit quarters constructed 400,000.00 400,000.00 Works DA
53.  50 Construction of institution toilets Kubi, Ampunyase etc. Institutional Toilets constructed at Kubi 200,000.00 Works DA
54.  51 Construction of public toilets(KVIP/WC)   District Wide Public toilets constructed at Akrofuom 550,000.00 Works DA
55.  52 Organize site inspections throughout the year to control development District Wide Site inspections organized 5,000.00 Works DA
56.  53 Renovation of CHPS Compounds/ health facilities Mensoso CHPS Compounds and Health facilities renovated 100,000.00 Works DA
57. completion of 1No. CHPs compound and 3-unit bedroom nurses’ quarters Mprakyire CHPS compound renovated 350,000 Works
58.  54 Completion and Construction of KG classroom Blocks Takyikrom, Nkoransa etc KG blocks constructed and completed ` 500,000.00 Works DA
59.  55 Completion of classroom blocks Districtwide Classroom blocks completed 500,000.00 Works DA
60.  56 Supply of dual desk furniture for schools in the area District Wide Dual desk supplied 250,000.00 Works DA
61.  58 Construction of classroom block Betenase,


Classroom blocks constructed 1,000,000.00 Works DA
62.  59 Supervise community initiated projects District Wide Projects supervised 12,000.00 Works DA
63.  60 Support girl-child education District Wide Girl-child supported 10,000.00 DED DA
64.  61 Support the activities of District Oversight Committee (DEOC) District Wide DEOC activities supported 10,000.00 DED DA
65.  62 Support Science, Technology, Mathematics, Education (STME) clinic District Wide No. of students supported in STME 10,000.00 DED DA
66.  63 Provide disaster relief items District Wide Relief items distributed 50,000.00 NADMO DA
67.  64 Form Disaster Volunteer Groups District Wide 5No. of groups formed 5,000.00 NADMO DA
68.  65 Build capacity of staff, assembly members, town and area council members, etc. District Wide Staff and Assembly members trained 50,000.00 HR DA
69.  66 Support paupers, children and physically challenged District Wide No. of paupers, children and physically challenged persons supported 2,000.00 SW&CD DA
70.  68 Register and update Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) album District Wide  PWDs registered 47,000.00 SW&CD DA
71. Organise group meetings with PWDs District wide Group meetings with PWDs organised 3000 SW&CD DA
72. Educate the public on Gender Base violence and how to deal with it 6 communities 6 communities educated on Gender base violence 2000 SW&CD DA
73.  69 Undertake activities on LEAP program District Wide No. of activities undertaken on LEAP 10,000.00 SW&CD DA
74.  70 Organize capacity building for Child Protection Committees District wide Capacity building for Child protection committee organized 5,000.00 SW&CD DA
75. Educate the public on Child protection such as child labour, child abuse ect District wide Child protection activities supported 3000 SW&CD DA
76.  71 Purchase of motorbike District wide Motorbike purchased 5,000.00 SW&CD DA
77.  72 Purchase adequate stationary/maps for office use annually DA Quantity of stationary/ maps purchased  


78.  74 Business Counseling District wide All MSEs 2,000.00 BAC DA
79.  75 Youth Apprenticeship Programme (YAP) District wide Unemployed Youth/School Drop Out 35,000.00 BAC DA
80.  76 Technical Training in Beauty Therapies Akrofuom Akrofuom Hairdressers Association  


81.  77 Advance Training in Soap and Detergents Production Akrofuom, Wamase, Kokotenten, Adamso, Ampunyase Soap Producers trained  


82.  78 Training for LBA/FBO members formation of Association-LBA District wide Selected local business association 2,000.00 BAC DA
83.  79 NVTI Certificate Examination Akrofuom Graduate apprentice 10,000.00 BAC DA
84.  80 Technical Training in Products Packaging, branding and Labeling Akrofuom, Wamase, Kokotenten, Adamso, Ampunyase Soap producers 7,000.00 BAC DA
85.  81 Training in Occupational Safety Health and Environmental Management (OSHEM) District wide Artisans 7,000.00 BAC DA
86.  82 MSE Stakeholders Meeting Akrofuom MSME Stakeholders 3,000.00 BAC DA
87.  83 Community Based Training in Soap and Detergent Making, Beads Making, Leather Works, etc District Wide Unemployed Youth trained 20,000.00  


88.  85 Support Climate change activities Districtwide Climate change activities supported 5,000.00 NADMO / Forestry Commission DA
89.  86 Organize a training on fire prevention and management District Wide Bushfire education organized 5,000.00 GNFS/ NADMO DA
90.  87 Prepare planning schemes/ layouts for communities District Wide Planning schemes / layouts prepared 10,000.00 PPD DA
91.  88 Embark on street naming and property addressing system District Wide Streets/ properties named 35,000.00 PPD DA
92.  89 Support District response initiative on malaria control programs and COVID 19 District Wide Amount of funds disbursed for malaria control program 10,000.00 DHD DA
93.  90 Support national and routine immunization program District Wide Amount of funds disbursed 10,000.00 DHD DA
94.  91 Support disease surveillance and mental health activities District wide Disease surveillance and mental health activities supported 10,000.00 DHD DA
95.  92 Organize hygiene education in schools and communities District Wide hygiene education organized in schools and communities 5,000.00 DHD DA
96.  Vhk Provide for fumigation and sanitation District Wide Area fumigated and sanitized 328,000.00 DHD/Env’tal DA
97.  94 Clearing of final dump sites Akrofuom Number of dump sites cleared 60,000.00 DHD/Env’tal DA
98.  95 Screening of food vendors District Wide Food vendors screened 15,000.00 DHD/Env’tal DA
99. Support households with toilets facility District wide Number of toilet facilities supported 20,000.00 DHD/Envtal DA
100. Organize clean up exercise District Wide Number of activities 20,000.00 DHD/Envtal DA


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